• Getting Started - Account Activation

    Please go to URL: https://store.laminex.co.nz Please go to URL: https://store.laminex.co.nz

    Click on Activate and enter your email address you indicated in your Registration form & choose a Password

    You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address, click on the "Confirm My Account" link as indicated below:  

    Once you've completed this step, you can log in and begin placing orders! 


  • How to Search for a Product incl. Frequently Ordered Products

    If you know our products well, Quick Order is a fast way to add a product to an order. 

    Refine this search further using the drop down options to locate your product and add your quantity. 

    Add a project name if required - this will appear as text on the order line for your preference.
    Please note: It cannot be used for special pricing, freight and packing instructions.

  • CSV Upload

    If you know our SKU/Item numbers for product you are ordering, it is possible to click on the "Upload CSV" button as indicated below to upload a file of up to 25 lines of product. (Upload CSV is also available directly in the cart).

    Headings must be included in your CSV spreadsheet - note, you don't have to enter anything under Project Name in column C. 

    When saving the file on your computer, change the type to CSV (Comma delimited), then you can either browse from the pop up box or drag and drop your file into the box to upload.

  • Web Chat

    If you get stuck or have a question - there are a number of ways to get in contact (see Help & Support on Page 12 of this document), however Web Chat is a simple to use tool giving you immediate access to one of our Laminex NZ Customer Service Representatives, who are ready to assist you.

    When the team is unavailable, the button will show as 'chat offline'. As soon as a member of the team becomes available you will see Chat Now as indicated below. Click to begin your chat.

  • Cart & Checkout

    Once you have selected your product and entered the quantity you with to order - Click on "Add to Cart"Once you have selected your product and entered the quantity you wish to order - Click on “Add to cart”

    In the Cart, you have the opportunity to modify your order in a number of ways as indicated in the red boxes below:

    §  You can add a Project Name to the line or adjust the quantity

    §  Upload a CSV file 

    §  Continue Shopping Bin/Remove an item 

    §  Clear the whole Cart 

    §  Or go to Checkout

  • Dashboard
  • Product Details
  • Help & Support